3D Printed Scale Model of London

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the vicinity of London in the next year. Impressive in scale and in detail. Fascinating way to get an overview of future development plans in London and the current extents of the city centre.

Whole set:

Shard, London City, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge:

Tower of London and Tower Bridge:
Tower Bridge

Canary Wharf, the O2, and the Skyline
Canary Wharf

Visiting is free and the venue also has interesting displays if you are into architecture.

Opening times:
Mon – Fri: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat: 10.00am – 5.00pm*

Runs from:
23 Apr 2015 – 23 Apr 2016
With full interactivity available from: 21 May

More information at:
The Building Centre

More images:
Thames BarrierLondon EyeO2 and AirlineOlympic StadiumLondon City AirportCity and ShardCanary Wharf
WholeSouth WestEastCanary Wharf

X Percent of the Population of Scotland Lives Within Y Miles of Edinburgh

Follow up from the Glasgow post by request.

This is a pretty easy question to answer, using the 2011 Scottish Census population results and the Census Output Area Population Weighted Centroids. Then we get the extents of Edinburgh City Council from OS Boundary Line.

The results are:

,Pop. Count:,%
Scotland, 5295403, 100
Edinburgh , 476626, 9
25 km, 1276757, 24.1
50 km, 2500093, 47.2
50 miles, 3919910, 74
100 km, 4310869, 81.4
100 miles, 4812421, 90.9

So we see more than people live close to Glasgow, but with 50 miles + they are closer to the capital.

To see how these boundaries look on a map:

Population buffers around Edinburgh

A few caveats:
We are using the population weighted centroids, which will produce some minor inaccuracies, but is a very good generalisation.
Also we are using euclidean buffers on the British National Grid plain, so these are not geodesic buffers. The difference will likely be small at these distances.

Mapvember 2014

Mapvember: A map/tutorial a day for every day in November.

Some days had more than one map, some had tutorials, one just had a photo. Some were very easy, others would have take a couple of days of work.

Excellent experience, good learning experience and an opportunity to post previous projects that were a bit short of being great. A little time consuming at times though. I started making the maps around half way through October, so I had almost the first week ready when November began, but the days ticked by quickly. Happy to have done it. I encourage everyone to join in next year, or any other month.

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