Posted: 2020-02-24

Last November I took part in the 30 Day Map Challenge. An excellent project suggested by Topi Tjukanov on twitter:

I perhaps had a bit of an advantage. I had already completed a very similar challenge in 2014. Mapvember.

Where I made a post on this blog every day for all of November, primarily maps.

And a summary:

There are a lot of advantages to this style of map creation and a few down sides.



30 maps is a lot of maps to make. A day is a short time to make one. My tactic, based on my previous experience, was to make a few upfront and ready to go. So by the time November started I had a few maps ready, so I could be ahead of the curve.

I used tweetdeck to schedule the tweets. I didn't map on the weekend for the most part. I had other commitments, so scheduling and making some easy maps was crucial to completing the challenge.

There are no real rules to the challenge, interpret it how you wish. Do a map a day, or a map a week, but the important part is enjoying it.


There is a great website that collects all the maps created by theme and creator:

My maps:

I have posted all of my maps here.

With a select few favorites:

Day 1 - Points - Ireland’s population mapped as one point per person. 6,572,675 points in total:

Day 2 - Lines - 1 week of flying for Ryanair EI-DYP Boeing 737-800:

Day 5 - Raster - Total rainfall in Ireland in 2018 from Met Eireann data:

Day 10 - Black and White - Register of renewed liquor licences: Publican’s Houses Dublin:

Day 19 - Urban - Perhaps Dublin's most confused street:

All in all I whole heartedly recommend taking part when November rolls around again.