UK Rail Map


The UK rail network. Mapped from station to station in a direct line, based on the time tables published by the rail operators. The links are drawn from station to station, it currently does not take into account the actual rail network.

Based on a static map: UK rail network.

The network will be created monthly from the UK rail network timetable file in GTFS format downloaded from:

The network is generated using a station to station methodology, so the next step will be to incorporate an actual network and run it trough PGRouting. The logic for ownership can be found at:

If there are any issues or inconsistencies, please let me know, preferrably through the GitHub issues page: GitHub Issues

The mobile version is not very good, if viewing on mobile and interested, please try on a desktop. Sincere appologies for that.

Prototyping and base JavaScript done with: Qgis2Web

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