Missing Maps Stirling

Missing Maps is a great initiative which encourages the mapping of areas that are crucial to the efforts of humanitarian organisations. Maps help people on the ground to focus their efforts and simply find people in need.

Isn’t everything mapped already?
Is a question I hear often. While a valid one. Yes, all the streets that I use regularly are mapped on both Google Maps, and OpenStreetMap. But the case is not the same for the places where our efforts are really needed. For the undeveloped parts of the world, where Medecins Sans Frontieres are making a real impact, the case is not the same. We have aerial imagery, but we do not know where the towns are, where the roads go, or population estimates.

Organisations rely on Missing Maps to deliver their life saving help. Not to deliver aide but to find people requiring it:

  • The American Red Cross
  • The British Red Cross
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
  • Medicins Sans Frontieres

  • Come along:

    If you are in Stirling or in the area, please come along. The event is free, and being held at the Smith Museum, on the 27th April, 6pm onwards.

    If you are attending if you could sign up so we know attendee numbers:

    If you want to share the event we also have a FaceBook page:


    Hope to see you there.

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