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A slightly more personal post.

Myself as part of a team are raising money for MapAction.

MapAction, can be a tough sell as a charity. Why would you donate to a charity which just makes maps? While a valid question, it raises the whole concept of why does GIS matter? While the Red Cross, World Food Program, and other large charities deliver aid to those in need, they also need logistics to deliver this aid. This is where MapAction can really step in. Staffed by mapping professionals, they can help print maps, re-route transports, and keep maps up to date on the ground. This ensures that the aid from NGOs get to where they need to be, in the most efficient way possible.

GIS professionals have a specific talent, one for all things spatial. While a niche talent, it is critical for the projects we work with. The same goes for MapAction, they are the GIS consultants of the volunteering world, but instead of charging for their services, it is staffed by volunteers. Their operational costs mainly come from the logistics. Shipping a plotter to Nepal in order to pint maps so that other charities can deliver their supplies to those areas that need it the most.

In support of MapAction, I am taking part in two events:

Pedal For Scotland:

Taking place last weekend, it was a 50 mile pedal from Glasgow to Edinburgh. To warm up I decided to cycle from Stirling to Glasgow the day before.

Route over the two days (83 miles in total, day 1 yellow, day 2 purple):

Excellent day with the sun shining the whole distance!

Total Warrior:
This weekend it will be: Total Warrior

A 12km long obstacle course, full of electic shocks and obstacles through Scottish Lochs!

If you have enjoyed this blog, perhaps gained some value, please consider donating though this link:
MapAction Page

Or Supporting MapAction directly:

Thank you!


The Total Warrior experience:

Excellent production value from: Mallard Productions

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