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Setting up your GDAL and OGR Environmental Variables

I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and have been setting up my GIS workspace settings.

Setting up your Windows path environmental variables can easily be done through the command line.

These commands can be run directly in the command line and don’t require a computer restart to take effect. To run the command prompt, simply open up the windows search (Windows Key + S) and search for “cmd”:


Then run the command to add the path.

Update: This post previously stated you needed to set the GDAL_PATH variable, this should have read GDAL_DATA as it does now.

For a 64bit OSGeo4W install:

For a 32bit OSGeo4W install:


Restart your command prompt.



No more:
‘org2ogr’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.